6 week group project in collaboration with with Vejle Libraries, 2020 

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Design proposal:

A playful workshop that invites the users to share their dreams and wishes for a future library by writing and sketching on a colourful, foldable questioner. That will be exhibited in the exhibition area in the library. An exhibition with the purpose of showing the participations involvement and inspire them to take ownership by participating in further developments of the library.


How might we inspire the citizens of Vejle to engage, contribute, co-create and take ownership of the library and thereby position Vejle libraries as centers of local activity, engagement and culture?


We developed the concept together with project managers and librarians on Vejle library. By collecting and clustering data through fieldwork and online workshops with users.

We guided our collaborators on the importance of an open mind during brainstorm, and positive mind set. Screenprint from an ideation and collaborative session regarding the aparance of the design on the pictures below.

“How should it look like: It should catch people attention. It should say Cappaow!” - participant from the library