Wrinkled skin
Knit design 

A fictional collaboration with the furniture company Moroso, 2017

Designed and knitted fabric for furniture by me.


Textile design for furniture

DESIGN PROPOSAL knitted textile inspired by the wrinkles and the beautiful transitions and patterns in them.


The task was to develop a concept suitable for Moroso's assortment.
My design proposal is a padded sofa that by the material tells a story about ageing and the beauty of it.

From my analysis of Morosos assortment I wanted to design a furniture that was innovative, had character and a story tell.

Selection of Moroso's assortment, showing furniture with character and elegance.


Concept developed from the idea of materialising the wrinkle's properties in relation to the body, translated into a padded piece of furniture.

Material moodboard, translation of idea into material, photo from my sketchbook.

Selection from sketch process of upholstered sofa.